Recent Tick Submitter Feedback

“We located two ticks on my daughter’s scalp less than 24 hours after they attached. Both ticks are from our backyard in Idaho. We removed them according to CDC guidelines and identified them using the TickEncounter website. We sent them to the Laboratory of Medical Zoology to test for the most likely illnesses one might contract from these ticks and began consulting with our primary care.

Our daughter began exhibiting symptoms of tularemia within 36hrs of the ticks being removed. Her primary care and a pediatric infectious disease specialist confirmed the tularemia diagnosis. While we were very hesitant to provide antibiotics to a 5 year old child due to the risks of very serious and potentially lifelong side effects, we began treating with Ciprofloxacin for 10 days (250mg every 12 hours) starting less than 72 hours after removing the ticks. She began improving after 3 days and is now back to normal. Most doctors have never seen or even heard of tularemia and the suggested treatments seem to vary depending on who one consults.

We reported the tularemia symptoms to the Idaho Department of Health when our daughter began exhibiting symptoms. We sent them copies of the LMZ lab results confirming the ticks carried tularemia and we plan to test her antibodies for tularemia. While this has been a very scary experience, we are thankful for the website and the LMZ labs that helped us to be prepared. We should also mention that we have never dealt with such a professional lab. The day the LMZ lab entered the information from our lab slip into their system, a web link was emailed to us allowing us to view all information entered and order additional tests as necessary. The very next day the web link was updated to show the results of the test. It was an incredibly quick and efficient process.”

R.S., Idaho, 4-June-2013


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