Testing Ticks

Origins of tick testing by LMZ

In 2006, the Laboratory of Medical Zoology (LMZ) began a public tick testing service in cooperation with the University of Massachusetts Extension (UMEXT). While we understood the uncertain clinical relevance of tick testing, we saw a call for a public service alternative to commercial tick testing. Since that time, the LMZ has tested thousands of ticks for individuals as well as various state health departments, local agencies, and medical centers. We are now confident that this activity fills a need for greater understanding of the risk of exposure to these important diseases.

2013: LMZ outreach expands

In 2013, in keeping with our outreach mission, we launched this web page to provide access to all tick testing results.  In coming months, we plan to complement this searchable database with maps and summary statistics.   We offer this one of a kind Tick-borne Disease Passive Surveillance system as a resource for those interested in learning about distribution of ticks, disease, and risk.  To view the database, visit www.tickreport.com/stats. If you wish to submit a tick for testing, please visit www.tickreport.com/order Thank you for visiting the site and supporting our work.