The LMZ Front Office



Thanks to generous support from the College of Natural Sciences (UMass), we are pleased to offer face-to-face service for people who wish to deliver their ticks for testing in person. One of the great impediments to getting rapid results is the time it takes to deliver the tick to us. We guarantee results in 3 business days after receipt of the tick, but it can sometimes take 3 or more days from the time the tick leaves your hands for it to reach ours.

Now you can deliver your ticks in person between the hours of 10AM and 4PM.  Please be advised, you still need to complete the online order form to process your TickReport order, so consider doing this in advance of coming to the front office (you will need your order #). Office personnel will be available to answer any questions about the form or our tick testing procedures.

And as always, you can contact us electronically either by emailing us at, or on the chat line at