Submitting your tick

The process for submitting ticks online is pretty simple, and can be initiated at by going here:

test button

There are basically four steps to the process.

1) You will SELECT the test you want (we offer several).

2) Select the PAYMENT method. You can pay by sending a check with the tick and by secure credit card transaction.

3) Enter your INFORMATION.  Be as thorough as you can, but be certain to provide the correct email address for mailing your results.  The other info we ask for will help us to assess who is being bitten, where, when, etc.. All of you personal information is kept confidential and is used only for purposes of communicating results to you.  We never share this information.

4) On the CHECKOUT screen, you will be provide the link to pay by credit (if thats your choice), the receipt for your order and the mailing address.  You need to include the order # with your tick when you mail (if wish, you may send us a copy of the receipt with the tick).  This STEP IS VERY IMPORTANT since this is the way we link the information you entered with the tick when it arrives (and the payment).  Use your order number to communicate with us.  When your tick is received, it will be assigned a tick ID number as well.

A sample of the Checkout page (with important mailing info) can be found here: Order page PDF. We send you the results within five business days of (or less) receiving it.

What can you expect to receive?

Your customized tick testing report will include a bunch of useful information in addition to  the infection status of your tick.  In the left column is all the information about you (provided by you) and your tick (we identify its species, whether it fed (i.e. engorged) or not (i.e. flat), etc.. In the right column of the report are two photo micrographs of your tick (dorsal and ventral, i.e from belly-side and back-side), the results of tests your ordered (positive or negative), and a place to order additional tests as needed.  Many of our clients decide to order additional testing and so we provide the links to initiate that process. Check out a sample report to see what you get from your tick test.

Sample LMZ report